A Perfect Day in Tavira, Portugal

001 09.15 A.M. Early morning, what a nice and sunny day! We walk from our apartment through town to have breakfast at A Laranja do João next to the Mercado Municipal (Avenida Dom Manuel 16). A sandwich, orange juice, a bica (Portugese espresso) and maybe a pastel de nata (lush Portugese pastry). Explore the market place to buy vegetables, fruits and some superfresh shrimps to have later for lunch. On our way back we take a small de-tour though the old city, with it’s wonderful cobblestone streets, the typical Portugese houses and the many churches Tavira counts.

11.30 A.M. So, time to head to the beach. Don’t forget sunscreen and a parasol because it’s going to be hot! We take the boat to Ilha de Tavira and spend a long afternoon relaxing, swimming, playing some tennis and of course eat the delicious shrimps we bought at the market.

06.30 P.M. It gets dark quite early, so we enjoy a beautiful sunset. We’re getting hungry so time to go home, take a shower to wash all the sand off. Aftersun cream is a good idea. Then we walk into town beside the riverbank, have a wine somewhere on the Praça da Republica

08.15 P.M. Dinner time! We head to Lagoas Bica (Rua Almirante Candido dos Reis 24), sit in the area where our favourite waiter, Helder, serves us. On our menu is Linguade con Laranja, sole fish in orange sauce. With some nice Vinho Verde (Young Portugese wine) on the side. We end this dinner with a bica and Amarguinha, a typical Portugese almond spirit.

10.30 P.M. We walk from Bica to the Praça da Republica, where there are performances in summer time. The whole town is on the square, with friends and family, to enjoy some music. The night comes to an end with a good cocktail at Tavira Lounge (Rua Goncalo Velho 16-18), where there’s a relaxed atmosphere, as always. Ah, this was such a good day! Luckily our next Tavira trip is planned for may this year! (:

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  1. I’ve never been to Portugal and it’s been top of my list of places to visit for ages. When I go I’ll be sure to visit Tavira, it looks beautiful and I love your photographs! /Niki


    • Hi Niki, thanks for the compliment! You should visit Potugal some day, it’s such a beautiful country and Tavira is one of my favorite places there. But if you go, don’t miss Lisbon, amazing city! (:


  2. I think Tavira is great too. I have been going to the Algarve for over 15 years and it remains one of the best but least known places. The Camera Obscura is interesting.

    By the way I use the same Elmastudio theme. They have some lovely minimal designs.



    • Hi John, thanks for you comment! The camera obsura is very intrestring indeed! Tavira has such a good vibe, I go there every year.
      But we always combine it with Lisbon, Seville or a trip to the westcoast. I just looked at your website, that theme works so well!


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