Bucket List: Exploring the blue city Chefchaouen, Morocco

On top of my bucket list is Moroccos blue city: Chefchaouen. This breathtaking city lies in the heart of the Rif Mountains in the northern part of Morocco. I would love to explore the medina where you can find 1000 shades of blue. This blue washed tradition started around 1930 by the Jewish residents, and nowadays this tradition is still kept alive by its inhabitants.

Picture credits: Amy Lee Scott / Sandra Jordan / Sergio Formoso / Tony Burns / Steffan Jensen
Click on the pictures to see the full version.


  1. It’s on my list too! this color is ridiculously gorgeous and that view, words cannot describe! I feel like it is just something you have to experience! It reminds me of Santorini, Greece in a way too!!


    • Hi Emily, yes it looks soooo gorgeous! I will definitely try and go there in the near future! xo Femke


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